He begs Ricardo Salinas for help for alleged fraud at Banco Azteca

He begs Ricardo Salinas for help for alleged fraud at Banco Azteca

Social networks are the preferred communication window for many people, who come to these platforms to denounce the bad services of some brands that they consume. Such is the case of a tweeter who made a plea to businessman Ricardo Salinas after being the victim of an alleged fraud by Banco Azteca.

The Internet user identified as @BeamonteHoracio shared a post on the social network where he explains that he was a victim of electronic fraud when making a transfer from Banco Azteca to the payment fintech EBANX.

“@RicardoBSalinas requested, begged for your help because I am a victim of electronic fraud by @EbanxBR and @BancoAzteca and @BAztecaAyuda say they cannot help me at all. @CentroRSalinas @SalinasBenjamin @gruposalinas @NinfaSalinas ”, says the tweet of the subject who accompanied him along with the image where the conversation he has with Banco Azteca customer service is read.

Before that first comment the account in Banca Azteca’s customer service Twitter responded to the customer requesting his data in a private message to help him.

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“We will follow up on your case by private message for the security of your data. We are on the lookout for you!” reads the message from Banco Azteca.

Message that was answered by the tweeter “thank you very much. My data is already well secured, so I also prefer, in addition to you doing it in private, to do it publicly by calling all those tagged.

Given this consumer complaint The Merca 2.0 team contacted Banco Azteca’s customer service managers to request the brand’s position and to date we have not received a response.

It is not the first message on social networks where consumers of the brands that are part of Grupo Salinas mention the Mexican businessman Ricardo Salinas to solve their problems, since many people think that it is the most effective way for these companies to listen to them.

Banco Azteca and customer service

Other complaints abound on social networks against the poor customer service of Banco Azteca. Complaints of harassment, fraud and not having a quick solution is what many consumers of the brand review on the internet.

Let’s remember that customer service has a very significant value in most customers, and this service that many companies see as basic can help your brand to be well positioned among its consumers or generate a bad reputation among them.

Specialists say that bank employees, like those in other sectors, will have to learn to develop new skills to meet the needs of new consumers, this, derived from the technological change in the sector, which will generate fewer operations by the client in the branches, which will lead to a reconversion of jobs with greater personalized attention.

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