At the beginning of July, various members of the production of the series The last of us confirmed the start of filming. Although some reports indicated that the premiere could take place during the first half of 2022, perhaps it will wait longer. The reason? It seems that HBO’s project is more ambitious than we originally believed. Proof of this is that Calgary, the Canadian city where the filming takes place, is realizing the benefits of such an important production.

Damian Petti, who is the president of an association of artists and film technicians in the region (IATSE 212), he pointed what the series of The last of us it is a “monstrous” project. According to his information, HBO hired five art directors and an “army” of technicians, whose work began six months ago to have the filming locations ready. Perhaps the most interesting thing about his statement is that filming will take 12 months.

If Petti’s data is correct, then the first season of The last of us It will finish shooting in mid-2022. In other words, we’d better forget about enjoying it for the first half of next year. The manager is so confident of the scale of the series of The last of us who did not hesitate to express that this could be the largest film project in Canadian history. Obviously, they are major words.

Pedro Pascal as Joel | Julie “Shuploc” Damgaard Fanart

Regarding the budget of the series, he warned that he cannot reveal specific numbers due to a confidentiality issue. However, he did advance that just one episode reaches eight figures. That is, 10 or more million dollars. There is no doubt, then, that the series aims to be a banner of the original HBO Max catalog. Surely fans of The last of us they expected no less.

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Petti stressed that the filming of The last of us it is greatly benefiting the region by generating a large number of jobs. And is that HBO turned to “hundreds” of Canadian-based companies to carry out the project. Will you meet the enormous expectations that surround you? We will find out next year.