Lucky the Pizza Dog, Hawkeye’s most lovable character, not only makes his debut on the small screen, he also has his own comic.

Whether you’ve known him as Lucky the Pizza Dog or Lucky the Pizza Dog, you sure fell in love with him in the Hawkeye pages of Matt Fraction and David Aja. Or maybe he caught you watching him on the eponymous series about the Marvel archer that recently premiered on Disney +. Well rejoice, because Lucky the Pizza Dog also has its own comic.

Lucky the Pizza Dog # 1 debuted on Marvel’s digital comics platform with the story “Lucky Delivers,” in which we see Kate Bishop as she waits for her pizza to arrive. And wait. And wait… what can Hawkeye’s best friend do but investigate on his own? But you can also count on Lucky the Pizza Dog to save the day and dinner.

Check out the first issue of Lucky the Pizza Dog from writer / artist Jason Loo below.

Hawkeye: Lucky the Pizza Dog has its own comic

Hawkeye: Lucky the Pizza Dog has its own comic
Marvel comics

Be on the lookout, because surely this comic will be part of the Marvel Comics Mexico news for the year 2022.


The original story of Lucky the Pizza Dog awaits you in our online store with:

Marvel Deluxe Bundle: Hawkeye Volumes 1 & 2

Marvel Deluxe Bundle: Hawkeye Volumes 1 & 2
Marvel comics

In 2012, Marvel Comics revamped one of its oldest and most underrated Avengers: Hawkeye.

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In 22 regular issues and an annual, Matt Fraction and David Aja endowed Clint Barton with a previously unknown life of his own. In addition, they knew how to combine the youth and energy of the new Marvel archer, Kate Bishop, with the experience and hobbies of Barton.

For the first time in Mexico, this work, winner of several Eisner awards, is published in an integral way, which serves as the basis for the new Marvel Studios series.

The Hawkeye bundle contains:

1) Marvel Deluxe – Hawkeye Vol. 1

272 pages that collects Hawkeye # 1-11 and Young Avengers Presents # 6.

2) Marvel Deluxe – Hawkeye Vol. 2

280 pages that compile Hawkeye # 12-22 and Hawkeye Annual # 1.

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