When unlimited data rates were launched, everyone threw their hands in their heads thinking that the operators’ networks were not going to be able to support this increase in traffic. Fortunately, nothing is further from the truth, users continue to make reasonable use, but with the advantage that now there is no need to worry.

In its beginnings there were some limits

However, there are some users who wanted to try what was the data rate limit, and some found that reaching a traffic of around 400 GB per month, operators could even suspend the line. In the conditions when hiring the rate, a “reasonable” use is required, and having a constant traffic to the maximum that the connection gives is not.

There were also initially some limits when it came to do tethering. Orange, for example, did not allow share more than 30 GB data with the mobile in the unlimited rates Go or Love, but finally decided to open the hand, and now all operators allow do tethering if we have contracted one of these rates to access the Internet, for example, with a tablet or laptop, taking advantage of the unlimited browsing of our rate.

Beyond that, the rates continue to offer the same conditions Unlimited data with reasonable usage, so as long as you don’t use it for torrenting or high-intensity streaming, you’re not going to have a problem.

The roaming limit has been increasing

It is different if you use the rate to do roaming. The operators they have to pay a fixed wholesale price to the operators of the destination you are going to use their antennas, and there comes a point where it is not profitable for them to do so from certain traffic. The gig price in roaming that operators pay each other has been decreasing every year, so that operators have been increasing the amount of data that can be used while roaming.

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Currently, the maximum cost per GB is 3 euros, and will become 2.5 euros in the first half of 2022. Between July 1, 2022 and December 31, 2024, the cost will drop to 2 euros per GB, and finally from January 1, 2025 From now on, the cost will be 1.5 euros per GB.

Thus, it is to be expected that the amount of gigabytes that we can use of the unlimited roaming rates increase between now and 2025. Currently, the limit is as follows:



  • 28 GB for Unlimited Love, Unlimited Love Max, Unlimited Love Lite, Unlimited Love Original, Unlimited Love Extra and Unlimited Love Total
  • 29 GB for the Unlimited Love Premium pack, Unlimited Love Premium Max and Total Love Unlimited 4
  • 27 GB for the Go Top rate
  • 20 GB for the Go Up rate


  • Essential Unlimited Rate: 20 GB
  • Advanced Unlimited Rate: 22 GB
  • Unlimited Plus Rate: 27 GB


  • 20 GB maximum in rates with unlimited data