The scariest night of the year is just around the corner: Halloween. This celebration so widespread in the Anglo-Saxon countries has been established little by little in our country, and it is already common to see people in disguise and children asking for sweets door to door.

Horror movies are a classic that cannot be missed that day, but being scared with video games is just as effective and we also get into the story, perhaps in a more immersive way by directly controlling the characters. And if we turn off the lights and put on headphones, the experience is perfect.

In this article we recommend you Nine games for iPhone and iPad to have a terrifyingly fun Halloween in the “comfort and safety” of your sofa or bed.

Very little nightmares

Little Nightmares was one of the surprises of 2017 and its recent sequel, released in 2021, has also not disappointed gamers looking for a puzzle-focused title with awkward and scary atmosphere.

Very Little Nightmares (6.99 euros) is a prequel developed for mobile devices in which we will have to help the girl in the yellow raincoat to escape from a hostile house full of dangers. To do this, we must complete puzzles without allowing the challenging enemies to lay their hands on us.

Death Road to Canada

There has been a zombie apocalypse and you must recruit people to explore cities and fight hordes of enemies. That is the premise of Death Road to Canada (14.99 euros), a simulator road trip in which we embark on a road adventure to keep going.

This simulator has a peculiarity, and it is that is generated randomly, so each game played will be different from the previous one: locations, events, survivor appearances … everything is “random”. It supports four player multiplayer on the same screen.

Layers of Fear

A recent classic for streamers and video content creators when they want to have some scary time with their community. Layers of Fear (9.99 euros) is a first-person horror game set in a decadent 19th century in which we will take control of a painter with a serious mental illness seeking to create a masterpieceBut it did not count on paranormal phenomena, visions and other dangers.

Dead by Daylight Mobile

Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the shoes of slasher movie killers most iconic of all time? Dead by Daylight Mobile (free, with in-app purchases) helps fulfill this purpose.

In this title asymmetric online multiplayer there are two sides: murderer and survivors. Four people must repair five generators to power the exit doors and escape the realms of the Entity without the assassin reaching for them. Leatherface, Ghostface, Michael Myers, Freddy Kruegger, the Pig of Saw or Pinhead await you (additional licensed characters can only be purchased with real money).

The School: White Day

The School: White Day (6.99 euros) is a adaptation of the horror classic released for PC in 2001, a well-known title in South Korea that crossed borders and became popular in countries such as the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom.

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In White Day we will take control of Hui-min, a student who is trapped in the institute with other classmates late at night. Yeondu Institute is full of urban myths and legends in the form of possessed janitors, ghosts with mysterious pasts and all kinds of dangers and fears.

Offer in-app purchases to unlock additional outfits.

Lost within

Is there a scarier place than a haunted madhouse full of monsters? In Lost Within (3.99 euros) you will have to face a legendary assassin who prowls the abandoned pavilions without dying trying.

Search and create improvised weapons, employ stealth tactics to go unnoticed or run when things get ugly and you can’t defend yourself. One of the best titles of 2015 on the App Store that stands out for its graphics and visual effects.

Forgotten Memories

Finalist in the CVA video game awards with nominations for best audio and original music, best independent game and best game for iOS, Forgotten Memories (4.99 euros) puts us in the shoes of Rose Hawkins, a juvenile squad inspector looking for a missing girl named Eden.

Rose awakens in an abandoned asylum not knowing how she got there, and inadvertently finds herself trapped in a tragedy with a terrifying mystery. It’s about a classic mechanics survival horror with a deep narration and setting that helps the atmosphere of psychological terror.

Radiation City and Escape from Chernobyl

If you are interested in the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, Radiation City (the first installment) and Escape from Chernobyl (the sequel) invite you to visit the abandoned and desolate city of Pripyat , which has been recreated in great detail, to live an amazing story and try to save the person you love.

The titles present an open world full of dangers and anomalies, with hungry predators and subhuman creatures. Search for resources inside the buildings at key points in the city: the Polissya Hotel, the Cultural Center, the Prometheus Cinema, the swimming pool and all the deserted buildings.

Both games can be purchased together with Radiation Island in a pack that costs 7.99 euros. If they were purchased separately, the price would rise to almost 13 euros. Additionally, both Radiation City and Escape from Chernobyl are playable on Apple TV: Horror on the big screen!


We finish with Detention (4.99 euros), a survival horror heavily influenced by Taiwanese and East Asian culture with references to Taoism and Buddhism. It is based on the strictly 60s Taiwanese martial regime.

With a simple point and click system, the player controls characters who venture into a school immersed in dangerous supernatural forces to discover the truth.

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