Apex Legends continues to add content as the Respawn game continues to enjoy good player health, with a passionate community celebrating each new character added. After the arrival of Seer, the new Legend of the game, today the studio has shown a new trailer for the next season of the game, called Apex Legends: Hatching.

Apex Legends: Hatching is the new season of Apex Legends, which will arrive on August 3 and will feature the aforementioned new Legend, Seer, as well as changes to the Finisterre map, accompanying the arrival of the Rampage light machine gun.

In addition to these changes to the Finisterre map and the new weapon, the battlegrounds mode with ranked and pitched battle has also been confirmed. Finally, as usual, a Battle Pass focused on Hatching will be released, as well as a pack with styles for Steer.

As you can see in the great trailer, an explosive season is coming with a multitude of changes and novelties, which will keep Apex fans enjoying a game that hasn’t stopped receiving content since its launch took us all by surprise in 2019.

Hatching, the new season of Apex Legends

▪ Release date: 02/04/2019

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