Harvestella: What is the new Square Enix installment about and when will it hit stores?

Harvestella: What is the new Square Enix installment about and when will it hit stores?

Through a Nintendo Direct, Square Enix took the opportunity to reveal data about the plot and gameplay that we will see in Harvestella before the end of the year.

A life simulator rpg, with special features like growing your own food and various combats, those are the condiments for harvestella, the new of Square Enix! During the end of the recent nintendo direct we were able to know details and even its release date, which will be the November 4th.

As revealed to us Square Enixthe plot of Harvestella will take place in the peaceful village called Letheland that will present weather changes between the 4 seasons, multiple interactions with NPC’s (non-player characters) and even the possibility of creating and taking care of your own food plantation.

But not everything is perfect in this friendly territory, since we will have the presence of Quietus either The stillness, in Spanish. The consequences of this phenomenon will be threaten the different forms of life What is there in Lethe: your crops will wither and characters related to the plot will be affected.

To stop this event, the video game Square Enix will invite you out of the comfort of the village to search for the source of such a problem. Throughout your adventure, you will face different enemies and meet divine entities such as dark Angels.

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At the same time, new allies will appear. Since Shrika, a young woman looking to pin her hopes on a new faith, hein, a mechanic who won’t hesitate to use his charms, Asyl, heir to the blood of the windbreaker And till Ariaa woman who comes from the future?

Harvestella will bring together two opposite facets of a video game. On the one hand, we will have a relaxed and peaceful rhythm during the beginning of the adventure, and then move on to a dynamic of action in your search for peace of mind. Lethe.


The delivery of Square Enix will be available in stores from the day November 4, will feature English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese languages ​​and will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch. once it starts The stillness, known as the station of death, everything will depend on your efforts. What do you think of the proposal presented for Harvestella?