Harley and Ivy are back in Harley Quinn season 3

Harley and Ivy are back in Harley Quinn season 3

The great return of the Harley Quinn animated series is official and the official trailer for its third season has arrived, and HBO Max today revealed the first of the fan-favorite animated series, who have had to wait 2 years since season 2, but very soon the wait will be over as its release will be this summer.

The series, which is inspired by DC Comics characters, focuses on a single harley quinn with the voice of Kaley Cuocowho leaves to succeed on his own in Gotham City with a group of friends and of course Poison Ivy, this series also features the voices of Lake Bell, Ron Funches, Tony Hale, Jason Alexander, JB Smoove and Alan Tudyk.

Now, the long wait for fans since the second season that premiered in 2020, especially after the epic romantic step that Harley and Ivy’s relationship took at the end of season 2, and that as showrunners Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern in a recent interview Season 3 has the potential to cover many things:

“I definitely think we’re going to see Gordon dealing with his, how should I put it, his low approval rating in Gotham City and the low approval rating of the police department in Gotham City.”Halpern said. “I think we’re going to see… we’re going to dive a little bit more into Ivy’s life and then into the story. Origins. I think we’re going to do that. I think those are really the only two things I’ve really gotten to so far.” in our preliminary discussions saying, ‘Yeah, I definitely want to do those things.

“I know we don’t want to do a ‘Are they going to break up or aren’t they going to break up?’ I don’t think we want this to be the stakes of the season. I think we want to see… I mean, obviously there’s going to be conflict and tension between the two when certain things go wrong. But I don’t think we want it to be like that. We spent two years playing that, or two seasons, I don’t think we want to do that for a third season, so that’s what we don’t want to do.”

Additionally, the third season will feature a host of guest stars, including Harvey Guillen as Nightwing, and The Suicide Squad writer-director, James Gunnacting as himself.

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