Harassment video ruins the Academy’s rating; Azteca delays statement

Harassment video ruins the Academy’s rating;  Azteca delays statement

A member of staff of The academy is heard in a video, where the preparations of students for a concert of the musical reality of Aztec, making all kinds of comments that sexualize the participants. This caused a trend that denounces sexual harassment in the famous reality show and the topic overflowed on social networks this Saturday, even ruining an important lesson that was given to students to combat this unfortunate practice, this by the specialist louis hidalgo.

With no more clue than the stage of The Academy in the background and reality show participants in the frame. We see possible victims of harassment, for the auditory evidence that there is, with comments heard in full recording. The issue spread across networks, so it is important to report that a significant number of Twitter users are commenting on a video posted from an account that we qualify as “suspicious” due to the number of followers, previous posts and open time.

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– Grupo Salinas is a large ecosystem of companies that have carved out a unique space in each of the market categories in which they compete –

Under this logic Merca2.0 decides to report the fact that it is registering on social networkson which Grupo Salinas has already been asked for its position and pending comments, it is important to review this situation and the context in which it occurs, as Azteca’s decision to postpone until tomorrow the attention and position against the case of sexual harassment denounced in networks.


On June 30, Luis Hidalgo went to teach a class against sexual harassment to students of the Academy. The event was documented on Hidalgo’s Twitter account, who explained that he taught lessons against gender violence, sexual harassment and the culture of zero tolerance that exists in Grupo Salinas.

A few days after the master class comes the video in which an alleged reality staff member makes comments where he sexualizes program participants.

Data that frame this sad video refer, according to a Women In News report, that between October 2020 and September 2021, 15 percent of women confirmed that they have been victims of sexual harassment in the newsroom where they work. 14 percent of them have said that they have been victims between two and four times and 10 percent said that they have been victims of harassment at least once.

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