Halo study will pay employees to come out of anti-trans, anti-abortion states

Halo study will pay employees to come out of anti-trans, anti-abortion states

The leak of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark case Roe vs. Wade has shocked the video game industry. Several video game studios, including Destiny 2 developer Bungie and Xbox Games Studios’ Double Fine, have issued statements pledging to support continued employee access to essential reproductive health, including abortion.

However, some studios, such as the developer of Halo infinite, Certain Affinity, they are in a much more difficult position, but they are taking a step forward. Certain Affinity is headquartered in Austin, Texas. In September 2021, Texas passed a law for the abortion which would mean denying assistance to pregnant women of more than six weeks.

In addition, Texas enforces its law of abortion through a reward system that would allow those who help people get abortions to be sued for $10,000 cash judgments. In other words, Certain Affinity could face serious legal liability for even saying it’s going to help female employees with their health care.

However, that hasn’t stopped Certain Affinity from dedicating itself to doing everything it can to support its employees. In a statement released by Certain Affinity CEO Max Hoberman, he calls it “appalling” that states like Texas “get involved in … personal health and privacy issues.” So, in a demonstration of Certain Affinity’s company values, Hoberman says the studio will start covering the costs of moving individuals or families to a “safer state” in which Certain Affinity operates.

Although Hoberman promises that Certain Affinity follow this path, he admits that this is a legally complex and “delicate” issue. Hoberman says you have to navigate carefully in formulating specific policies related to “these issues.”

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Otherwise, supporting the health needs of its vulnerable employees could lead the company to be on “the wrong side of the law.” The implication is that even stating that Certain Affinity specifically supports abortion rights could make it a target for Texas or other state governments that choose to regulate abortion.

It’s unclear exactly what options Certain Affinity employees have. Certain Affinity has another location in Toronto, and Canada guarantees the right to abortion, but moving to another country is not easy. It also offers remote work, although that may not make sense for certain roles in the company.