Here we go again. It seems that 343 Industries yes you are working in a mode battle royale for Halo Infinite, which apparently could have up to 300 players. In a recent broadcast of Youtube, The popular streamer known as Dr. Disrespect He said that he has already heard several things about this supposed mode.

According to him streamer, although initially 343i I didn’t want to add a battle royale, now they have changed their minds and sooner or later, Halo Infinite you will receive it. Here in his own words:

“Of course I will play the battle royale. It will be very fun. From what I’ve heard, it will be 300 players, there will be weapons on the map, and the maps are full of powers and points of interest. All of this is inside information that I have received. And supposedly, it will run very well. It will be super optimized. If this first alpha technique is any indication, it looks like they will do it very, very well. “

This would not be the first time we have heard of a possible battle royale for Halo InfiniteWell, let’s remember that a month ago, dataminers found several clues that pointed to its existence. It would only be a matter of what 343i finally break the silence and announce it officially.

Halo Infinite It will arrive on Xbox and PC consoles on December 8.


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Halo Infinite would have a battle royale, reveals streamer

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