Halo Infinite skins leaked and Buzz Lightyear is said to be coming to the game

Halo Infinite skins leaked and Buzz Lightyear is said to be coming to the game

A leak of Halo Infinite has revealed a possible crossover with Buzz lightyear ahead of the premiere of his new spin-off film coming this year, titled “Lightyear.” The latest installment of Halo has seen a number of brand and product collaborations over the past year to help market the title before and after its release. From gaming peripherals and energy drinks to clothing brands, Microsoft appears to be trying to reach as many people as possible, even partnering with nail polish brand OPI for a collaboration with Halo Infinite.

Crossovers between video games and other intellectual properties of entertainment have become more common and popular in recent years, thanks in part to the litany of crossovers behind Fortnite. From video games to TV and movie franchises, Fortnite has partnered with quite a number of PIs and featured its in-game characters with skins and cosmetics, making the idea something of a hype for free-to-play games. to-play, like the multiplayer of Halo Infinite. Epic Games does not appear to hold back plans to integrate popular characters into its shooter, with a recent leak claiming that Epic has partnered with Paramount to potentially add Ninja Turtles to Fortnite.

Reddit user bissue_tox has shared previously unseen images of various Warthog skins that were reportedly found in game files for Halo Infinite, apparently revealing what appears to be a skin of Buzz lightyear. Although most of the 23 leaked appearances don’t seem to reference anything in particular, one of them matches Buzz Lightyear’s color scheme, as seen in Toy Story. The Warthog’s white and purple colors, with bright green and red accents, are typically associated with the character’s popular spacesuit. The leaked skin has sparked rumors of a cross between Halo Infinite and Buzz Lightyear, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

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Lightyear’s movie will be released in June this year, so a crossover with Halo Infinite it can be possible. Although several multiplayer skins have already been released, including the popular Halo Infinite cat ear pack, Halo has yet to feature a major crossover like this, which could make it a first for the series. An official crossover could involve more than just a Warthog skin, with the possibility that armor or weapon-themed weapons may also be released. Buzz lightyear.

Maybe a collaboration with Buzz lightyear is not the first thing that occurs to fans of Halo Infinite when thinking about the first potential crossover for the game. However, big collaborations, like the one rumored, often revolve around a release or installment of some kind, like the aforementioned Lightyear movie, as a form of marketing. If the leak turns out to be true and the crossover between Halo Infinite and Buzz Lightyear becomes a reality, it will at least open the door for similar collaborations in the future, and it could help appease those unhappy with Halo Infinite’s microtransactions.