The reveal trailer for Halo Infinite left more than one cold, and it seems that between them we can include the co-creator of the franchise, Marcus Lehto. As he recently commented in an interview, Lehto says he cared about the future of the franchise when he saw the disappointing trailer. The community response to the presentation of the game was quite negative, which even led to 343 Industries to promise better communication regarding Halo Infinite.

During an interview offered to HiddenXperia, Marcus lehto commented how was your first contact with the next Halo title. Lehto says that, despite the first negative approach he had with Halo Infinite, is very surprised with the way 343 Industries took constructive criticism of the community and applied them in the development of the game. Furthermore, Lehto believes that the presentation of the multiplayer section Halo Infinie that took place at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021 it looked great.

Lehto tells HiddenXperia what “I was quite concerned when I saw the last E3. I think the community in general was. But you can clearly see that 343 Industries listened to all that feedback, and what they have delivered for this year was impressive.«. Also, the co-creator expanded his statements:

“Yes, I know a lot of the designs were from the Bungie era, but they are still putting their own spin. They are not just copying things verbatim. They’re making it unique to Infinite, and it feels like that. It feels really good. I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit jealous because I think it looks like one of the best Halos ever made. So I can’t wait to go inside and see what they’ve done with it. I have every hope and positive vibes for 343 as we finalize and release Infinite this fall. I hope the community is there to support them too, ”Marcus Lehto told HiddenXperia.

Halo Infinite gameplay screenshot

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Halo Infinite is being developed for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. The game of 343 Industries it will support crossplay and crossprogression, day-night cycle, and although there is no official release date, we know that will be released during the last months of this year 2021.

Halo Infinite left the co-creator of the saga very concerned after seeing the 2020 gameplay

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