Haircuts to start the summer with a new look and with which you will be cool

Haircuts to start the summer with a new look and with which you will be cool

The heat arrives and we realize that we need to do something with our hair. A change of look is perfect but nothing to cut for cutting, no, what we look for in a very stylish haircut and that being able to provide us with an incredible vibe, without forgetting that we want it to be as fresh as possible. We have many options, but this season there are several that have prevailed, such as the pixie, the shag or the long bob, which are always a hit.

The pixie is sexy and funny


We know that making the decision to get a good haircut, like a pixie, can be a bit dizzying. But the truth is that it is a super flattering cut, very elegant and sensual. In addition, this season is one of the most chosen among celebrities like Alexa Demie who manages to be incredible. And if we think of a fresh and versatile cut, without a doubt, the pixie is the ideal one, as he tells us. Maria Jose Llata Hairdresser Llata ​​Carrera from Santa Cruz de Bezana (Cantabria).

“Textures and details show different personalities of the same cut. In summer we want cooler finishes, so in the pixies, we will leave the tips out, slightly tousle them and reinforce the waves, if we have them. Also, we will style them backwards with a wet effect that is always very suggestive or we will resort to accessories.”


Pixies with blunt or styled bangs are also very cool. baby bang, in this way you get more freshness and a jovial touch. “The swept, blunt or spiky pixie is much more daring and carefree, so it rejuvenates and refreshes. It is achieved by parading the bangs and combing them in a casual way to emphasize their nonconformist character,” he explains. Rachel Saiz of Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz from Torrelavega (Cantabria).

bixie or mixie


Both the bixie and the mixie are two cuts that have come with force this season. The bixie is the fusion between the bob Y the pixie, perfect for those who want to wear short hair but not lose that XS bob hair effect. Another bixie option is to wear it like Halle Berry, with one shaved side a short bob to the height of the cheekbone and with a lot of volume.

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The mixies It is also another hair style that has been imposed this season, and it is a very daring cut. Born from the merger between the mullet and the pixie, so we find the two styles of both merged. We have very short hair like the pixie and on the other hand, we have the style mullet with different lengths of hair, such as in the area of ​​the sideburns, the nape of the neck or the bangs.

tousled bobs


This is the best option for those who do not want to lose their long hair but do want a good haircut. Bob hair is one of our favorites and in the version short bob It is the best so that the hair does not give us too much heat.


For a laid-back, beachy look, Raphael Good by Rafael Bueno Peluqueros from Malaga, assures that this season they take “Airy, puffed out and curved for the most formal occasions, with the ends messy or out, for the most playful. Slicked back with a masculine touch and a wet look, gathered up on just one side or both with a smoother finish. school. The cut is not as decisive as the way you style it.”

Katerina Tannenbaum, Carrie Bradshaw's most stylish neighbor sports the wavy shag haircut that everyone already wants

Long and intense shags


And if there is a haircut that has become very popular and we are seeing a lot of it, it is the shag. This cut of eighties airs, is characterized by long layers throughout the entire mane with fringe XL. A cut that gains a lot of texture and movement with marked ends; and for fine hair it works great with soft waves.


Maria Jose Llata explain what, “In summer we look for a more casual look, that makes our hairstyle easier and that goes well to go to work or relax on a terrace. We achieve this with a shag, a layered cut that does not sacrifice length and that, in addition, It brings a lot of movement. If we feel like something more elegant, we will wave back the strands closest to the face and leave the rest straight.”

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