Some cheats from Warzone They are mocking Raven Software and Infinity Ward’s anti-cheating measures through their usernames. This new trend comes in response to the new “Ricochet” anti-cheat system that was launched in December. While players were hoping that this new system would help reduce cheating in Warzone, sadly, it seems that cheaters have managed to find a way around the new system.

Cheating has been one of the biggest problems in Warzone since the game’s launch. The introduction of crossover play in Warzone has been a disaster for console gamers. As a result, many console gamers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the crossplay feature, asking the developers to either remove it or thoroughly revise it so that console players have a decent gaming experience. The Ricochet anti-cheat system, originally developed for Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard, was to be the primary weapon against cheaters. So far, it doesn’t seem to have worked.

According to reddit user JimShirls, cheaters blatantly mock developers with their usernames. The post highlights a player with the username “YesImHacking” (“yes, I’m hacking” in Spanish), which appears to be clear proof that the player is using some kind of cheating. Similar issues were reported by other players, seeing usernames like “NiceAnticheat”, “ActivisionLOL” and “ITz-NoT-LUCK”. All these usernames seem to be winking at the current developer, Infinity Ward, bragging that the anti-cheat system has not been able to detect them.

The traps in Warzone have been one of the most frequent complaints from gamers, not only on console, but also on PC. Warzone is riddled with glitches that make competitive play difficult and make the game seem unfair. As a result, Warzone players have shown their frustration at cheating players, but there are other exploits in Warzone that players often take advantage of. Skins, weapons, and even the maps themselves can be buggy to the point where the game seems unplayable. Players often post videos showing strange deaths due to glitches and players exploiting them, doing things like hacking into the wall.

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Even if Warzone Still one of the most popular battle royale games in the world today, the prevalence of cheating is still a black mark in the game. While there is still hope that the developers can fix the cheats and improve Warzone, the presence of players poking fun at the current anti-cheat system has to be disheartening for players.