Gun control, public policy on pause in the USA

Gun control, public policy on pause in the USA

With horror we learned of a new shooting in the USA, now in Uvalde, Texas county, made up mostly of inhabitants of Hispanic origin and where 19 elementary school children and two teachers perished who until the last moment tried to defend their students .

The unfortunate case has had worldwide repercussions and brings with it, once again, the appearance of the thematic network called: security and control.

The situation, despite its drama, is pertinent and fits within the analysis for our Merca2.0 readers, since these actions result in the public policies of all governments, which in turn impact political communication and marketing programs.

This is an issue of government management, which should be virtuous and not tortuous. Of course we will not talk about the details of the unfortunate event but about its background that should point (never to innocent citizens), to sustainable policies that find a definitive solution.

The issue of gun control in the United States does not come from now with Joe Biden; It is a situation that dates back beyond the government of Ronald Reagan and that the Federal Congress and local authorities have been reviewing without being able to forcefully press the regulation button, recognizing that the arms industry in the USA is one of the most powerful and those that spend the most on lobbying for the benefit of their sector.

The question then is what is the route to follow?

Personally, I believe that the name of the strategy is called effective lobbying where everyone, citizens, authorities and industry, could reach an agreement called: win-win.

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Let’s start from the basis that this issue divides the USA in two. The current American President has asked Congress to push through legislation to ban jump guns and high-capacity magazines. He has also requested that the background check system be addressed when buying a firearm, especially since they are given to people who should not have one, as is the case of the young man, Salvador Ramos, 19, who was the responsible for yesterday’s massacre.

As we know, there are in the United States, the 10 amendments to its Constitution that regulate coexistence in that neighboring country and in the second, approved in the year 1791, the use of weapons is contemplated; There are not a few who think supported by the same legislation that says: “A weapon is not to kill people but to defend yourself”. Others say, “A car as such is not dangerous even though it can also be used to kill other people.”

As we can see, we have arguments for and against a real situation that should lead the lobbyists of the arms industry and the authorities to negotiate with the safety of citizens in mind.

Joe Biden’s message to his fellow citizens on Tuesday afternoon encapsulates it all:

– ¨Where, in the name of God, is our character to have the necessary strength to face this?¨-

We’ll meet later.