Guide and everything you need to know before buying a home clothes dryer | Technology

Guide and everything you need to know before buying a home clothes dryer |  Technology

We are going to tell you everything you need to know if you need to buy your first dryer or are going to change the one you already have. You will have all the information to choose the option that best suits your needs.

The truth is that the dryer is one of those appliances that we can call, not essential, but once you have one it becomes an essential part and becomes one of the most important.

But it can be difficult to buy a dryer for the first time, especially if we do not know well how they are, how they work and what characteristics they have.

That is why this article will be very helpful, since you will see everything you need to know about a dryer to be able to choose the one that best suits what you need without going crazy looking.

Types of tumble dryers

We all know what the function of a dryer is, that is, it is dedicated to dry the clothes that we put it inside to avoid having to wait days for it to dry, being especially effective in those areas where there is a lot of humidity, since drying outdoors can become eternal.

From there, you may not know what types are on the market. They are quite a few, so we are going to explain them all to you.

Evacuation dryers

They are those that take the air from outside, heat it by means of electric resistance and they take it to the drum so that the clothes stay dry. The air that is loaded with humidity is expelled through a tube.

The main advantage is that they are the cheapest because their system is the simplest.

What is not so good is that we must have a place where it can easily take in air and then expel it outside. That is to say, in a kitchen without any type of outlet it could not be put. Some are still for sale, but very few.

Condenser dryers

These types of dryers are those that have a closed circuit. Humid air is not expelled outside, as it passes through a refrigerator where it cools, causing moisture to condense.

The resulting water is stored in a reservoir that we must empty every time we use the dryer.

Although there are still those that use electric heating elements to heat the air, the most modern ones come with heat pumps.

The good thing is that they can be placed wherever you want, since you only need to have a plug.

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Resistance dryers

They are the ones that have been sold until the new systems appeared and are the cheapest, being pretty fast when drying clothes.

The problem comes in the consumption that not very efficient. It may be that in the cheapest models the consumption skyrockets excessively and it compensates more to have it in a second home.

Heat pump dryers

These dryers have a system similar to that of air conditioners using a heat pump to heat the air.

They are extremely efficient with energy consumptions much tighter than the previous cases, which makes them more suitable to use them every day.

They are not the cheapest dryers available today, but the truth is that, if we use it a lot, in the long run it compensates for the large difference in consumption.

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Washing machines

Finally we have the washer dryer combo, something that is becoming very fashionable lately, especially due to the space savings that this entails.

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Although they incorporate the heat pump system, the truth is that the energy efficiency is not the best, yes, it is better than those that use resistors.

One of its characteristics is that the level of Drying load is never the same as washing load, so if we fill it, we will not be able to put the same clothes to dry, having to do it in two batches.

What should we look for

The evolution of dryers in recent years is the same that we have seen in all technology, offering many options that were previously unimaginable.

The possibilities of clothing programs are now vastly older to approach all the needs of users.

This means that today we can be safer when it comes to drying our clothes, knowing that consumption will be lower and that the possibilities have multiplied.

Anyway, before buying a dryer, now that we know the types that are on the market, it is convenient to look at a series of characteristics such as:

  • Price / Cost: we must be clear about our budget to buy the dryer, so first we must know how much it is worth. But not only do you have to know the price, but we must be aware of consumption, because a slightly more expensive dryer may consume much less and save money in the long run.
  • Dimensions: This is another of the first characteristics that we must look at, especially to know if the model that interests us enters the space dedicated to it.
  • Installation: another of the most important parameters, since everything will depend on whether you need something more than a simple plug.
  • Capacity: something that is also very important, since we must buy the dryer that is compatible with what we need. That is, if we have a 10 kilogram washing machine, a small dryer may not make much sense. That is already decided by each one.
  • Seado programs: As is normal, the more possibilities in drying it has, the better results we will achieve at the time of it, also making it adapt to our needs more effectively.
  • Anti-wrinkle program: we can consider it as the program that should not be missed, since it consists in that the drum rotates slightly once the drying has finished, to avoid that the clothes have wrinkles or to make them have the fewest possible wrinkles.
  • Self-cleaning: something interesting, which not all dryers come with, is the automatic filter cleaning function, something that could be a convenience to us, although cleaning by hand is almost never complicated.
  • Programming and management: we can also have dryers that can be programmed to start when we want, that connect to our WiFi and we manage them with our mobile and even some compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant. All this is not essential, but it is well that they know that it exists.

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Some interesting dryers

Once we have seen everything we need to know and take into account when buying a dryer, it may be convenient to know some interesting models.

All of them will be able to offer us really good capacities when drying, with different options also at different prices.

If you are thinking about buying a washer-dryer, especially due to lack of space to put both, there are also interesting models.

Here are some of them:

Now that you have all the information you need to find the best dryer to put in your home, you just have to choose it and have it delivered.

You can tell us which one you are going to buy or which one you have bought and why on our social networks.