GTA VI aims to have several cities, according to a well-known game leaker

GTA VI aims to have several cities, according to a well-known game leaker

One of the great games that will arrive at some point in this generation is GTA VI, a title whose development has already been confirmedbut of which, at the moment, we hardly have any news, since Rockstar is being very reserved when it comes to giving new information.

In any case, we cannot ignore the rumors and leaks that claim that We would have news of GTA VI at the end of the year, but until this moment arrives, it is time to talk about all the content that could reach the new title according to the insiders, who have spoken around the map.

New and known cities of GTA would be present on the map of GTA VI

In this way, this new rumor, which you must take with tweezers because it is not official informationtalk about what GTA VI would cover several cities, these being both new and already known from the saga. That is why names like Vice City, Liberty City, as well as Carcer City (which belongs to Manhunt) have emerged.

Likewise, the rumor also speaks of we would leave the United States at some pointsince we could have a city that would be based on Cuba and other international locations.

Be that as it may, with several rumors surrounding GTA VI, such as a leak about the prologue and its protagonists, it should be noted that in this case the information comes from Matheusvictorbr, a Twitter user known for giving GTA scoops, with leaks that have ended up fulfilling.

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Rockstar could be working on a GTA IV remaster

Be that as it may, we will have to be patient with all this information, since none of this has been confirmed and it still has to be a while for us to see materialize or deny all the rumors that arise around the title. In any case, we can mention that the actor from Franklin comments that he would like to see in the new installment, this being one of the great protagonists of GTA V.

For the rest, just remember that GTA VI will be released sometime in the future no definite date, in the same way that it could arrive at least for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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