Home Gaming GTA Online bug makes player’s female avatar grow a beard

GTA Online bug makes player’s female avatar grow a beard

GTA Online bug makes player’s female avatar grow a beard

What makes this curious is that there really are no cosmetic options of this type for female avatars.

The Contract, the latest GTA Online story DLC featuring continues the story of Franklin Clinton, is one of the many attractions that the game has, and the most recent, of Rockstar games to stay immersed in it. To tell the truth, the aforementioned expansion, by itself, already has several attractions for the user, such as the appearance of Dr. Dree or the return of the iconic character from GTA V (Franklin, go). Of course, it seems that this DLC does not save itself from containing the odd bug, although in this case we are going to tell you about one that has its grace.

Apparently the bug in question happened to a GTA Online player when he was performing the short trip mission for the first time after finishing the main story of The Contract. Usually players doing that mission can play as someone other than his usual character and then return to his previous version, but the player who stars in the news, specifically his avatar, magically appeared a beard that was not previously.

What is peculiar about this, so to speak, is that it was a female avatar. The reason this is peculiar is, more than anything, because these kinds of cosmetic options are not available if your character is female, making it more apparent that this is a bug in the game. The player himself has recorded in his account Reddit, where does he call himself FudgeControl, with a rather curious image, really. Good old Franklin seems to have caught his eye.

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To this day it is unknown why this failure is due, but some comments suggest that it may be due to having several characters in the online game. Of course, it seems that this has not happened only to the aforementioned Reddit user, other comments say they have had similar situationsEither by a surprise appearance of a beard, a new hairstyle or other characteristics that are transferred from one character to another.

What we know for sure is that, currently unknown how to fix the appearance change, since, as we have said before, being a female character can not access certain cosmetic options in the hairdressers of the game, something that has served for some to show their disagreement with the scarcity of possibilities. So, we hope that the problem will be solved by closing and logging in, and thus avoiding contacting the technical service. Although, if they decide to stay with that aspect they do not have to worry, since it gives them a certain charm.

Before we finish, let’s remember that, This coming March, the arrival of the new generation versions is expected for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, of GTA 5 and its online, of course.

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