The latest rumors and leaks that have been provided in recent weeks by trusted and well-known users in the video game industry, have made it clear to us that Rockstar Games is developing a new installment of the successful Grand Theft Auto saga. It seems that the plans of the American company are directed to Introducing GTA 6 in GTA Online, but while we await the first details, Tom Henderson has indicated the reasons why GTA 6 would be the last Grand Theft Auto.

While just a few days ago the trusty Tom Henderson leaked a lots of details and possible GTA 6 release date, which was corroborated by the famous journalist Jason Schreier, who a few weeks ago revealed ahead of time the existence of the new Assassin’s Creed Infinity, the new game as a service of the successful Ubisoft assassin saga. Returning to the news, we know that Rockstar is having a hard time getting rid of GTA V Online, since after its 8 years of life it is still the best-selling game week after week. Therefore, GTA 6 has all the ballots to be the last Grand Theft Auto, in addition Henderson has revealed several reasons for the possible “end” of the franchise.

This would be the map of GTA 6 according to several leaked images

  • The main reason Rockstar Games is having a hard time getting rid of GTA V and GTA Online has been consistent success. After 8 years, millions of players are still playing.
  • The first and great reason could have made Rockstar think about how to carry out the content for GTA 6 and GTA 6 Online, since it may motivate them to make a content route for many, many years, more than with GTA V.
  • To this we add that the reputed insider believes that GTA 6 could become a game as a service with constant content updates, so it would be released with less content than we could expect.
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GTA 6 would be the last Grand Theft Auto