To make the vinaigrette, we mix the honey with the soy sauce in a bowl. On the other hand, we crush the nuts in the mortar, leaving them in pieces, that is, without reducing them to powder. Those bits will give a crunchy or crunchie to the vinaigrette.

Once we have these two preparations, we reserve them to be able to serve them on the lettuce when we have it ready after going through the grill. Optionally you can add some blueberry raisins or muscat grapes without pipo.

To make the lettuce buds on the grill, we put a frying pan or grill on the fire and let it heat up well. We spread with a brush dipped in olive oil. While it is heating, we cut the bud hearts in half.

Brown the lettuce buds on the grill for 5 minutes, without squeezing or overcooking so that even though it is browned and takes temperature, the lettuce does not lose its crisp touch. We serve the buds warm, covering them with a few nuts on top, decorating with two or three blueberries.

We ended up splashing the soy and honey mixture on top with a fork, making a whimsical and irregular drawing. We took the rest of the vinaigrette in a bowl to the table in case someone wanted to add more.