Grilled boletus edulis recipe

Grilled boletus edulis recipe

In the middle of the season, it is worth buying these beautiful fresh mushrooms, because the dehydrated and frozen ones that are found throughout the year change a lot, especially in their texture. It is also important that you buy authentic boletus edulis, and not other similar varieties such as boletus pinícola or the Pleurotus eringii that have a similar shape and texture but much less flavor than the real ones.

Of course, the same day you buy them, you make them, otherwise, they pass or fill with worms and at the price they are, it is very angry to have to throw them away. We start by cleaning the boletus, sharpening the foot a little with a knife, trimming the surface. With a wet kitchen paper We also clean the surface, removing any specks of dirt and leaving them very clean and dry. We cut them into sheets a couple of millimeters thick.

We heat a frying pan without oil until it is very hot and then we add a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and we sauté the mushrooms They will go from white to yellowish, and then they will be toasted as if they were pieces of meat.

Once they have the desired point, we put out the fire, we place all the pieces well together and in the center of the pan we add an egg yolk, which will cook slightly with the residual heat. We serve immediately by transferring them to a plate, ensuring that the yolk does not break.

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