After having several issues between the two that were resolved without major consequences, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collided with each other causing a high speed accident of 51G that will overturn the World Cup.

Who believed that this weekend the qualification to sprint was going to take all the spotlights of the weekend was far from right: the two actual championship contenders, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, were going to star in a first lap in the Silverstone race for the memory that would end badly for the latter.

Heading towards Copse, one of the fastest corners on the British track, # 33 was leading when # 44 tried to sneak inside with the bad luck of hitting the rear of the young Dutch driver immediately before sending him straight into the protections and being outmatched by Charles Leclerc.

The RB16B was shattered, like Red Bull’s hopes to score a large number of points in the tenth race of the year, with a red flag that allowed the reigning champion to repair much of the damage suffered to his car. The FIA ​​now has a vital role in deciding an investigation that will affect the race, yes, but also and more importantly, the championship.