Grand Theft Auto VI would feature a sleep and stress system

Grand Theft Auto VI would feature a sleep and stress system

Today an alleged leak of Grand Theft Auto VI through a design document, in which we can see details about its development, history, gameplay features and more. According to the leak, Rockstar Games is going to introduce a new sleep and stress system for GTA 6 characters.

An alleged leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 revealed that the game will have three protagonists, as well as GTA: V, but this time one character is a woman and it is a policewoman. The protagonists of Grand Theft Auto VI are Ricard, a former Colombian agent obsessed with wealth; Casey, a criminal whose first option is always violence; and Rose, a policewoman who might seem like a nice person but is quite the opposite.

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The supposed leaked document gives many details about the new gameplay systems that would be implemented in Grand Theft Auto 6, such as the stress and sleep. Apparently, each character will have to sleep periodically, otherwise health regeneration decreases, the field of vision becomes cloudy and can cause the character to end up losing consciousness. If the characters are not rested, they may fall asleep while you control them.

Stress also plays an important role in the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 6, because when the characters are stressed it is more difficult to sleep and they affect other game systems, such as shootings, police attention, drug withdrawal, pressure for work and other dynamics that affect the stress levels of our characters.

The document also reveals more than a dozen drugs that the characters can take, with different effects ranging from stress reduction to changes in your mobility. It casinos They are also present, in addition to the fact that it will be possible to bet online, but the bets and drugs are addictive and can affect the way of being of your character.

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