The DJI company is highly known for its drones, but that is not the only thing they have in their catalog. The brand also markets various products focused on video production, such as stabilizers or cameras. And, in that perhaps less known framework, is where its next great product is located: the DJI Action 2.

This camera replaces the DJI Osmo Action, introduced in 2019. And, with it, the Asian brand is once again getting into a terrain that, for many years, has been dominated by GoPro. To differentiate itself, yes, it has decided to opt for a rather interesting path: modularity.

It’s a path that companies like Insta360 have also explored. The idea is that the camera adapts to the needs of the model by means of modules or complementary supports. Among those that accompany the DJI Action 2 we find, for example, a module with a front touch screen (to be able to see yourself while recording), a power module that extends the autonomy, a magnetic strap, a rotating magnetic support , a floating grip, an extendable arm with a remote control, etc.

What features does the DJI Action 2 have?

The camera weighs 56 grams, which facilitates its use in certain situations. It is also resistant to dust, water and drops, according to the brand. Specifically, it has an IP68 certification and can be submerged up to 10 meters without a housing.

The sensor is 1 / 1.7 inch, can record video at a maximum of 4K at 120 FPS, captures a 155-degree field of view and has a color temperature sensor that, depending on the brand, helps preserve tones in complex situations or during underwater recordings.

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This camera also has the system RockSteady 2.0 Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). This is accompanied by HorizonSteady, which, as its name suggests, keeps the frame level during recording. It also has the technology DJI Matrix Stereo, released on the Pocket 2, which records audio in all directions to create a more immersive sound.

The camera itself has a 70 minute battery, although this lasts up to 160 minutes if connected to the front display module. If the power module is used, the figure increases to 180 minutes.

The screen, located behind the sensor, It has 1.76 inches, plus OLED technology. This is protected with Gorilla Glass and has haptic feedback. The front screen module has the same features as this one.

How much will it cost?

The DJI Action 2 bundle with two screens will be on sale today, while the DJI Action 2 Power will be sold from the end of November. The price of the first is 519 euros, while the other will be priced at 399 euros.