Google’s Pixel Notepad could be sold for $400 less than other foldables: a possible price is already known | Technology

Google’s Pixel Notepad could be sold for 0 less than other foldables: a possible price is already known |  Technology

News of the next mobile with which Google will enter the world of folding continues to be known, the last thing has been its possible price.

Google keeps us waiting to find out how its next mobiles will arrive in our country. If yesterday we learned some details about the release date and specifications of the Google Pixel 6a, in the last few hours rumors have also emerged about its foldable which is expected to be sold under the name Pixel Notepad.

Since October 2021 we have been learning renders and different information about this project from the search engine company. The news has been coming very slowly and just over a week ago it began to be reported that it would be sold at a lower price than expected, lower than the current Galaxy Z Fold3.

Now we have passed to know prices and in 9to5Google have published that possibly will sell for $1,399. That is, it points in the same direction that has been talked about at all times.

To make a comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 was launched at a price of $1,799 in the United States, 1,809 euros in Spain. This would mean that the Google foldable would cost 400 dollars less and an important movement for the democratization of this type of device.

Although it is true that the information that has been arriving does not suggest that this folding is one of the most powerfulthe possibility that it is a participant in the path towards more affordable folding takes strength.

As far as technical aspects are concerned, expect a modest camera setup with the Sony IMX363 sensor, used in the Pixel 5a, the Google Tensor SoC, and a shorter and wider lower screen than other models, but few details are known, and almost none are confirmed.

As far as the release date is concerned, it is unknown, but there is talk that we will not have to wait until the end of the year for it to be launched in the United States. His arrival in Spain will be another matter and we will surely need a little more patience.