The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will not be the only smartphones that will arrive this year from the hand of Google. The company could announce its first folding mobile, which could come with a concept similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold. The middle The Elect has shared new details about the screen of the so-called Pixel Fold.

The cited source assures that Google’s future foldable smartphone will feature an ultra-thin glass panel (UTG) developed by Samsung and already included in some of its folding, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The flexible screen of the “Pixel Fold” could be 7.6 inches, a size similar to the interior screen of the current Samsung folding.

Brands like Oppo, Honor or Xiaomi, are also betting on UTG technology for the screens of their folding mobiles. The ultra-thin glass, which replaces plastic, offers more durability and better display quality. The ElectIn addition, he confirmed that Samsung will begin to produce folding screens for Google from the month of October. It suggests, therefore, that the Mountain View company will launch its first folding smartphone later this year. At the moment, there is no confirmed date.

Google has been working on a folding mobile since 2019

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

In 2019, Google confirmed that they were working on several folding mobile prototypes, but they claimed not to have a final hardware. Mario Queiroz, product manager, stressed that only a small number of consumers would find a folding mobile to be useful. Two years later, it seems that Google has found the most suitable concept.

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The foldable Pixel is expected to feature a “book type” format. The flexible screen would be on the inside and the outside would have a panel of just over 6 inches. In this way, users can have a device with a conventional size –although with a considerable thickness–, which can become a tablet to be able to play or consume multimedia content.

Google, for the moment, will focus on the launch of its next instigated ship, the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (or Pixel 6 XL), terminals that have already been leaked on many occasions.

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