Virtually 2 years ago Google Station arrived in India, a large G project with which it sought to offer free and high-speed WiFi to users in Mexico. For this, it began its deployment in several public squares in our country, and during its first year of life, the number of places where fast and secure free WiFi was offered was increasing.

However, TechCrunch reports that the service will be closed this year, so Google will stop offering this service in Mexico, India, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, which are the markets where such service is currently offered. service.

The source mentions that Google explained that they made the decision to close Station because it was becoming difficult to turn this business into something profitable. This may be due to the fact that data plans have become cheaper in countries such as Mexico or India because even in our market you can find unlimited data plans from 300 pesos per month.

This would make Google’s free Wi-Fi less necessary, so having fewer users willing to connect to a public Wi-Fi network would probably have less advertising revenue, which is Google’s main business.

On the other hand, the company confirmed to Business Insider that it will transfer the Station project to other companies in different markets; For example, in the case of South Africa, it will be Think WiFi that will take care of everything since the Mountain View company considers these to be useful resources for the community, so it plans to continue using them.

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