Google Russia to file for bankruptcy due to lack of funds

Google Russia to file for bankruptcy due to lack of funds

It is common that after a failed sale or an investment that is not remunerated, companies have monetary difficulties, which in most cases end in the closure of these companies. This is the case of Googlespecifically at its headquarters in Russiasince they plan to declare bankruptcy after certain events that were not seen coming.

The statement came to light after the authorities of the country blocked his bank account, the result was the lack of payment to his corporate staff and also general activities. Even with all this, it is confirmed that services such as YouTube or the internet search engine will continue to be active without problem in the aforementioned territory.

This is what the spokesperson for Google, Julie Tarallo McAlister:

The seizure of the Google Russia bank account by the authorities has made the operation of our office in Russia unsustainable, including the employment and payment of employees based there, the payment of suppliers and vendors, and the fulfillment of other financial obligations. .

Google Russia

The company stopped selling advertising and cloud computing services in Russia in March, This is due to the invasion of Ukraine by that country. continued running gmail, Youtube, maps Y Searchand will continue to do so because there is still trust in what the company offers, especially in terms of information, the ideal for citizens.

Publisher’s note: For now, the war between countries does not have an approximate date to end, and with this kind of action, it is possible that Russia will be left without any company present in its territory. Everything is uncertain, but hopefully all the terror ends in that specific part of Europe.

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Via: Washington Post