According to the committee, these consent collection methods proposed to users, as well as the lack of clarity of the information provided to them, represent violations of article 82 of the French Data Protection Act.

Companies have three months “to provide Internet users with a means to reject cookies as simple as the existing means to accept them, in order to guarantee their freedom of consent,” according to the agency’s statement, if they do not comply with this , they risk being fined an additional $ 115,000 per day of delay.

In March of last year, the regulator issued an updated cookie guide to work in the country and has since adopted nearly 100 “corrective measures” (orders and sanctions) related to compliance with cookie legislation on various platforms.

On the other hand, at the regional level, another country that also issued a new action guide on cookies was Ireland; however, the authorities have not issued public sanctions in relation to consent violations against commercial entities.