The Google Photos ‘closed folder’ It was presented in May, during the Google I / O conference, however, its launch was exclusively for the devices of the Pixel line. Now, the company makes available to practically all Android users the possibility of creating a password protected space to store photos and videos.

This Thursday, through a publication in his official blog, Google announced the news that will arrive for Android, among which stands out the ‘Closed Folder’ of Google Photos, which will be available for all devices with Android 6 and later versions. The company did not specify the exact date when this new feature will be available, but it is expected to happen soon, in the next few weeks.

The operation of the ‘Closed folder’ will be the same as that already known in Pixel smartphones, so that all content stored in that space will not be visible in the main gallery and will not sync with the cloud; Google will even delete any previously existing synced copies of files that are moved to the ‘Closed Folder’, to keep only the local version.

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Another cool feature of protected folders is that screenshots not possible while browsing them; In addition, the interaction options with the content stored there are limited, so that protected photos and videos can only be moved to the general gallery of Google Photos, or permanently deleted.

To use the ‘Closed Folder’ once it is released, users only need to log in to Library> Utilities> Folder Closed, where should set a PIN to protect content, or use fingerprint protection.

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