Google made the Pixel Watch its most bland ad in a long time

Google made the Pixel Watch its most bland ad in a long time

In just two weeks, the Pixel Watch It went from being one of the most anticipated devices on the market to one of the most neglected by the press and the public. And the fault lies with Google, and no one else. The announcement of the first smartwatch from Mountain View has been one of the most insipid we have seen in a long time, and the passing of days has not helped much to change that feeling.

What do we know about the Pixel Watch so far? Practically nothing. During Google I/O we could only see its design —pretty bland, by the way—, which we already knew from a dubious leak, and to learn about a very small handful of its features related to the use of Wear OS 3.0 as an operating system. The complete table of technical specifications is still a mystery, as is its price; and we have long months ahead before we see it in action, since it will only go on sale in the fall, with the next Pixel mobiles.

As I said at the beginning, the passing of days has not been particularly beneficial for the Pixel Watch. Last week we told you that the watch would integrate an Exynos 9110 chip, from 2018; the same one that Samsung used in the original Galaxy Watch. Logically, this has already raised the eyebrows of more than one. Doubts about the performance that hardware can offer that can already be classified as oldthey did not wait.

Last week they appeared more unofficial details that speak of the apparent inclusion of a coprocessor, as well as the implementation of 32 GB of internal storage and an amount of RAM not specified but that would exceed the 1.5 GB of the Galaxy Watch 4. However, none of this has been enough to break the feeling of indifference that now exists around the Pixel Watch.

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Did Google ruin the presentation of the Pixel Watch?

Rumors of a Pixel Watch have been around for 4 years, at least. But the little that has been shown during his presentation suggests that not even google really knows what to do with it or how to promote it. And I return to the same thing, that a device from which news has been expected for so long is not even announced with a complete technical sheet, it is incomprehensible.

Be careful, this does not mean that the Pixel Watch is doomed to be a bad product. Nothing is further from reality. But Google has missed the chance to give the public something to look forward to. If the most relevant thing that is known about your first smartwatch is that it will arrive with a ridiculously old chip, obviously your ad has not been planned correctly and is sowing doubts among potential users.

When Google and Samsung teamed up to merge Wear OS and Tizen, many of us were happy. Ultimately, we saw it as a step forward in finding a platform that would truly rival Apple and watchOS. But today we can’t be too sure that the Pixel Watch really measure up and it is, precisely, because of its lousy introduction to the public.

Those of Mountain View have wasted a golden opportunity to silence the voices that criticize the lack of a worthy competitor to the Apple Watch, at least in the months prior to its formal launch. Maybe the story will change between now and the fall, but the panorama does not seem too simple; especially when Google must demonstrate that it can make the Pixel Watch the cornerstone of a family of products that is sustainable over time.