Google Chrome 100 arrives, will it break the Internet as many said?

Google Chrome 100 arrives, will it break the Internet as many said?

There is no doubt that the hundred versions of the most widely used internet browser in the world, 13 years after its official launch, is something to celebrate. Finally, Chrome reaches its three-digit version and one of the first novelties that we find here by way of celebration is a new icon for the program. Obviously that was not going to be all, so below we will talk about everything that you will find in the application after updating.

If we focus on the aforementioned browser icon, the one we have been seeing daily until now has been with us since 2014. It is true that the new design is not a spectacular change, but at least it is a change. So the search giant here has removed some of the shadows and flattened it out to give it a more streamlined look. In the same way and if we look carefully, Google also subtly changes the tones of all the logo colors. Specifically, they have been made brighter while containing a less pronounced gradient.

What’s new in Chrome 100

Keep in mind that this new icon will be extended to all platforms, but with slight changes between them. Apart from this novelty, it should be noted that the new API for placing windows in multiple screen mode is now available in stable Chrome for PC in version 100. It must be said that this API helps web applications detect when the user works with multiple screens connected simultaneously.

As an example, this can be useful in slide presentation applications to show the presentation as such on one screen and the notes on another. While these types of movements have been possible in conventional programs for years, it has been more difficult for Web applications.

Will some websites stop working after updating?

On the other hand, we tell you that the user agent strings disappear. These are the ones in charge of tell websites what type of device and operating system is used. In fact, this is an element that could lead to some web pages stopping working in the new Chrome 100. The reason for this is that there are websites and Internet services that are not prepared to receive this three-digit user agent. in the version number, as is the case.

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Although they are certain pages, Google is currently contacting them to resolve the bug. And it is that as it is easy to imagine, this error will continue to occur in the next versions of the application. At the same time, keep in mind that while this information may be useful, it is also personal and private. Some pages might use it to create a user profile.

Thus, Chrome 100 will be the last version to support these unthinned user agents. Others will be used instead. provide limited information to the websites, in addition to a new, more secure one.

How to install the latest version of the Google browser

Before continuing we will tell you that, to install this update, we only have to access the menu and go to the option Google Chrome Help / Information. Automatically the program will be updated if the new version is available on our computer.

update chrome

It is also worth noting the function of tab muting with a single click we now find the new Chrome 100. It must be said that back in 2018 Google removed the possibility of muting a tab with a click on the speaker icon. This is something that other browsers like Microsoft Edge have and that now reaches the industry leader again. And it is that Google is recovering it, although it is not yet active by default.

To activate this mute function in Chrome with a single click, we will be able to do it through a test functionality. Simply type the following into the address bar:


Now we just have to hope that this feature is not removed again and reach the stable version of the program soon.