Cleaning robots arrive in the garden, turning into robotic lawnmowers. With an extra function: to keep an eye on the house …

Home burglars have a new enemy. The guard dog, the security cameras or the doorman of the farm, now they are joined … the mower.

Novabot is a self-contained electric lawn mower, which not only keeps weeds at bay. At night it becomes a robotic watchdog that watches over the house.

Seen from outside, Novabot deceives: shaped like a sports car. It looks like a remote control or toy car, but it is a true caretaker and caretaker of the garden, as you can see in this video:

It is a robot equipped with artificial intelligence, with a 360 degree camera located in its transparent cockpit, with motion detection.

AI enables you detect and identify obstacles, including pets, children, and people, so it can work even with people nearby, because when it detects an obstacle, it stops.

Novabot performed an automatic mapping of the garden, identifying the places with grass, and cuts it automatically, without the need to delimit areas.

It has IPX6 protection against water. When detects rain and puddles in the garden, stop working and go back to your charging station.

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Is able to cover gardens of up to 2,000 square meters, with a slope of the terrain of up to 45%.

You can ask him to cut the grass at different heights in different parts of the garden. Automatically avoid flowers, trees, and roads.

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When night falls, his work is not done. He has a double job as a sworn security guard. May patrol the garden and detect any suspicious movements, distinguishing between animals and people.

If you see something strange, notify the owner with a mobile notification.

Novabot, the guardian lawnmower, It is on sale on Indigogo At a price of 1,425 euros. When it is put on sale in stores it will cost 3,200 euros …

With such a lawnmower … who needs a watchdog?