Things are more tense than ever between Goku and Vegeta, and if not for they must team up to defeat Big wave in the manga of Dragon Ball Super, These two warriors would surely have been hitting each other again. It would certainly be a visual feast to see both of them Saiyan use his full power in a fight, and thanks to some amazing fan-made animation, we already know what this fight would be like.

Etienne Guignard, animator, has shared this great animation that imagines the first fight between Vegeta Ultra Ego and Goku Ultra Instinct. You can see it below:

At this point it is difficult to say which of the forms is stronger, as to date, none of them have been powerful enough to defeat Big wave. Hopefully the fight between these two warriors will eventually make it to the manga, but in the meantime, we have to settle for this animation, which is phenomenal.


Via: ComicBook

Goku and Vegeta face off in this incredible animation

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