Gohan Awakening trailer excites fans

Gohan Awakening trailer excites fans

The awaited for the next animated film of dragon ball, Dragon Ball Super: Super Herowhich is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan during the next month, while in the United States and Latin America at some point in the summer, will bring us new adventures of the shonen franchise, where its protagonists will not be like Goku and Vegeta, just as we have been used to, otherwise it will be the great moment for Gohan Y Piccolo.

That’s right, this movie that is scheduled to be brought to all theaters around the world later this summer thanks to Crunchyroll Y Toei Animationhas revealed a stunning new trailer, and along with it, the reveal of gohan awakeningwhich has turned on all the fans and they are reacting to the new look of the son of Goku, Gohan.

So now what Gohan Y Piccolo occupying a central place in the fight against Red Patrol Armyfans cheer for predicting what other characters could appear in the next movie that will see Goku Y Vegeta on the sidelines, training with the legendary super saiyan broli.

This last and great trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroallows us to see a little more about all the news about the fights that will take place in the summer release and the Z-Fighters that will be part of this confrontation with this powerful and difficult enemy of the franchise.

Now, all fans are eagerly awaiting the release date to be revealed on this side of the pond, since the wait has been long since the hack that Toei Animation suffered at the beginning of the year, and with this surprise, the wait becomes much heavier, Do not you believe it?so we will continue to keep you informed about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

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