There are many video game sagas that we can consider memorable. Many of them, however, are usually limited to the exclusivity of a console. It happens with Pokémon and Mario on Nintendo, with Halo on Xbox, or with Uncharted on PlayStation. God of War is a mythical franchise in every way, but now, its most recent title will also arrive on PC, something that confirms one of the leaks that appeared last September. This fact, of course, has made people book this title on Steam in bulk, to the point of breaking all records and Copar the sales of the platform on its first day.

There is something remarkable about this, and it is that this record record has been made three months after its arrival on computers, since its premiere is set for next January 14. In social networks it has not taken long to know this fact that, in addition, we can contrast ourselves through Steam in a constant fluctuation of positions. We can appreciate how God of War has managed to get ahead of recently released titles such as Back 4 Blood or Inscrytion, or currently very successful games such as the Amazon title, New World. Of course, Kratos’ pull on PC has been very remarkable.

If there’s a downside to God of War right now, it’s that on PlayStation it is more affordable to obtainAs part of PlayStation Hits and can be obtained, depending on the offers, for between € 9.99 and € 19.99, as opposed to the € 49.99 of the future version on PC. On the other hand, God of War is also part of the PS Plus Collection, the compilation of PS5 video games that can be played for free in the Next-Gen as long as we have our PlayStation Plus subscription active. However, for those who do not have the Ps Plus Collection or the possibility of obtaining the PS4 version, that PC version will allow millions of players enjoy Kratos on his odyssey against the Norse gods.

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▪ Release date: 04/20/2018