God of War and The Simpsons come together in the best possible mod

God of War and The Simpsons come together in the best possible mod


It seems that the imagination falls short when it comes to recreating some of the best scenes, characters and even landscapes of our favorite games and series. But the fans have taken care of that perfectly. Some of them have made replicas of their favorite worlds after long hours of work, others have illustrated some of the most iconic characters in the industry through their own perspective and style and have even shown us in their accounts some of the most fun between different heroes and villains in creative crossovers (and, of course, unofficial battles that we all wanted to see).

There are many ways for fans to show their love for gaming. But the truth is that they surprise us more and more giving free rein to their ideas. In this way, a test of the skill of many players is the huge number of mods that make video games much more accessible, fun, easy or interesting. From modifications in the gameplay to achieve some attacks or feats, to purely decorative mods, we have seen all kinds in the world of video games for years. And, although it seems somewhat difficult to believe, the possibilities of creation are still very small compared to what some artists and players have shown us.

A mod that shows The Simpsons in God of War

As we mentioned, regarding the creation of multiple mods, in view of the recent announcements of God of War Ragnarök, the next release of the franchise, an extensive debate about the expectations of the game and the discussions about the features of the previous installment , a modder decided to put his creativity to the test by achieving something incredible that we could not have imagined before: a mod that allows you to see Homer and Bart Simpson in the God of War scenarios.

Just as you have read, these well-known characters from the American comedy series created by Matt Groening play the roles of Kratos and Atreus, embarking on an intense adventure against mythological beings. This mod comes from Omega Fantasy (IGN) and only shows The Simpsons in the action game scenarios accompanied by some new dialogue. At first the idea might seem funny, considering the relationship that Homer and Bart have in their own world, but it would be extremely interesting to see them face a somewhat harsher reality than the daily activities of Springfield.

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As you can see in the previous image, the typical animation of the Simpsons and its classic yellow color stands out among the realism of the landscapes of God of War with somewhat somber touches, so the contrast is the most notable aspect of the presentation. Although, of course, the modder has been in charge of assigning them the models of the 2003 Simpsons hit and run characters.

It really is fascinating to see a crossover like this. And the combination of elements between each of the franchises makes it even more striking, despite the fact that we have seen Homer and his family in all kinds of tributes before. Although we would never have imagined that they could be adjusted in the role of a Spartan demigod and his little apprentice son, we would expect other types of adventures and incidents throughout the history of God of War.

Fortunately, this mod not only moved two of the main characters from the series, but also included Ned Flanders, the Simpson family’s neighbor.


At first glance, we could imagine what happens judging by the expression of Flanders, since an environment as gloomy as God of War has very surely infected him. But it is actually part of a 16:35 minute video that shows part of the main narrative of God of War and leads to a curious fight between him and Homer. You can see for yourself the video provided by ToastedShoes below:

It’s interesting to see Homer wielding a baseball bat as a weapon (instead of Kratos’s ax during the opening scenes of God of War) after crying at Marge’s pyre. Meanwhile, he and Bart hit the road to hunt down Bambi. In fact, this same bat is used to cut down the tree that appears at the beginning of the game. What fate could await Homer and Bart in the world of Kratos and Atreus?

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