Goat yogurt mousse with jam. Elaborate and delicious dessert recipe

Goat yogurt mousse with jam.  Elaborate and delicious dessert recipe

Fresh spoon desserts are ideal for a weekend whim or culminating a more special menu, especially if we opt for lighter and fluffier preparations that do not involve a great digestive effort after a lunch or dinner that could be more forceful. A goat yogurt mousse like this one, it will be tempting all year round, and it can be customized with different versions depending on the jam and the fruit used.

In the original Swiss recipe they use passion fruit as topping, but we have preferred combine two jams that we had hanging around the fridge at the base, and top the glasses with very sweet fresh blueberries. As a background, homemade apricot or medlar jam, substitutable for peach, and another layer of type jam jelly lemon, more acidic, which could even be substituted for lemon curd. of course, we could use only one type of jam or improsive a quick compote with the fruit we have at that time.

If using gelatin in sheets, pre-soak with cold water for the time indicated on the package; if using powder or agar-agar, proceed According to instructions manufacturer.

Begin to beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt with a whisk until they begin to be firm; add the 30 g of sugar a little sn stop beating until a kind of firm meringue is formed. Heat the water and dissolve the drained gelatin; mix with the lemon juice.

Beat the yogurt (drained from its whey) with the sifted icing sugar using whisk. Add the dissolved gelatin, mix and incorporate the whipped whites slowly, with enveloping movements.

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Distribute a layer of apricot jam and a layer of lemon or lemon curd on top, to taste, at the bottom of glasses or glasses. Spread the mousse on top and let cool for about three hoursat least in the fridge. Serve with lemon zest and chopped blueberries or other fruit.


With what to accompany the goat yogurt mousse

In addition to the aforementioned jams and the lemon curd, which can be made in the microwave quickly, we can change the blueberries for raspberries, blackberries, currants or a combination of red fruits, and it would also be delicious with well-chopped ripe mango or papaya. The lemon zest provides a freshness that we do not recommend doing without, although we can use lime or orange instead. Some chopped pistachios or hazelnut crocanti It would also suit him perfectly.

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