Although at the moment there is no official trailer for the second season of Demon Slayer, The first part of this anime is currently being broadcast in Japan, but with a series of additional scenes. Thus, A glimpse into Giyu Tomioka’s past has been shared, an event that occurs until later in the manga.

Originally, in the manga of Demon Slayer, Giyu’s past is explored in chapter 131, moments before the last two arcs of this story. Here we know a little more about the relationship between this character with Tsutako Tomioka, Sabito, Makomo.

In this way, many fans were surprised that a small glimpse into the past of these characters had an animated version so soon. Although at the moment there is nothing confirmed, it is very likely that the second season of Demon Slayer show us an adaptation of the events of the Entertainment District and the Villa de los Herreros de Espadas, so Giyu’s past would be fully explored until a possible third season.

Outside of a promise of fall 2021, At the moment there is no specific release date for the return of the anime of Demon Slayer. Hopefully this information will be shared once the broadcast of the first part comes to an end.

On related issues, a new rumor has fans worried. Similarly, the game of Demon Slayer it will have playable demons.


Via: Comicbook

Giyu's past comes to the Demon Slayer anime

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