At just 6 years old, this girl is a polyglot without having attended a single day of school. Discover its history!

Girl dreams of going to school and becoming a veterinarian, she sells sweets on the street and knows 4 languages

Last update: November 24, 2021

Around the world there are many children who are willing to study and fill themselves with knowledge. Nevertheless, they do not have sufficient resources to be able to access a school.

In addition to this, in many of these households other resources, such as food, are also scarce. Because of that, It is up to the minors to start working to help their parents and satisfy their human needs during the day to day.

So it is with Andre, a 6-year-old Ecuadorian girl who goes out every day to sell sweets in the streets. Well, this is how the whole family can gather their livelihood to get some food and pay for the place where they live.

Difficult conditions have prevented the girl from having access to technology and education. However, his story leaves everyone surprised, because at his young age he is fortunate to speak 4 different languages.

So much so that he was able to hold a conversation in French with a woman from that country. This is because the girl detected the origin of the lady and decided to offer her the sweets in her native language.

In addition, the lady suggested that she sing a song in another language, which the girl enthusiastically accepted. In that way, she was awarded the value of two full boxes of candy.

Photo taken from the Youtube of “Santi Hernandez”

Andre’s dream

During the dialogue, Andre revealed to the French lady that he dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Because he loved animals and intended to help them so that they could live well.

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In any case, He also told her that he had never had the chance to go to school due to lack of money. However, the woman recognized his incredible learning abilities, told him to never stop dreaming and to have the conviction that his wish would come true.

And it is that Andre’s skills are incredible. Well, it’s a girl who speaks Spanish, Russian, French and Italian without having received a single class dictated by a teacher.

This fact came true because the girl’s parents previously worked in a circus. In this way, they attended international functions and little by little they learned to speak different languages.

Photo taken from the Youtube of “Santi Hernandez”

The current panorama

To this day, the unfortunate reality remains that Andre has not been able to join any school that allows him to begin to build his dream. Nevertheless, his case has started to go viral over time and has had a great reception worldwide.

In this way, it is hoped that an alliance will be fostered that will allow Andre to collaborate with the resources to study. In addition, it is also sought that the story reaches the ears of some rulers, so that an initiative is created that helps to change that harsh reality.

In addition, These events make it clear that it is necessary to build policies in which there are more opportunities to study. This, taking into account that around the world there are thousands of cases in which children have their education paused.

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