In order to Francisco Guillermo Ochoa, This match is an important challenge, but trust the team that brings “El Tri” to Japan and they are ready to advance regardless of the size of the rival.
“It is not about fear, we respect all teams, although we know that in the history of football there are always more favorite teams, but I do not have to mention that with young people, most of them are excited to face a team like France and later Brazil, Germany or Spain, but we are concentrating on ours because we want to be in the final. We are a team that have qualities and talent, we must put our quality so that everything works ”, he reported Excelsior at the Tokyo Stadium.

We are a team that has qualities and talent, we must put our quality so that everything works

For Ochoa, participating in these games is important, however, being a medalist and bringing Olympic glory to the country is something that is not compared, so they are ready to continue until they achieve the golden metal.

“We all know André who is a very special player for Tigres, he has made history in Mexican soccer and is a very dangerous player, we will have the attention that is due, but also in the rest of the team because in tournaments like this he passes more through the group theme. I already had to play with him in France, in Mexico and now it will be in Tokyo. They are stories to have beautiful memories in the future because now Gignac and I got along quite well, “said the Club América goalkeeper.

It is not the same to say that I was in some Games than to say I was a medalist, and now that we are here we have the desire to take that medal to Mexico