Giga Press, the true differentiation in Tesla production

Giga Press, the true differentiation in Tesla production

What is the Giga Press? It is a machine capable of reducing the number of parts needed to produce a car. Here is its potential use in the sector.

For a few years, the electric car has become a serious alternative to conventional options based on internal combustion. The presence of this type of technology has not been easy to adopt in the industry, since the production cost of such a vehicle It is more expensive than a traditional one. Now, how to achieve improvements in the assembly line to achieve greater equality in terms of competitiveness?

Companies like Tesla have been reducing, year after year, their manufacturing cost per unit. This variable is fundamental, since it is the one that guarantees offer products at a lower price in the market. A greater offer allows the costs per unit to be reduced due to the so-called economies of scale. Now, is that enough? The theory and layout of electrical models tells us no. The best example of this is shown by the Honda e and its price of more than 40,000 euros.

How to reduce the manufacturing cost to the maximum? Tesla is the company that has bet the most on electrical technology in all of history. Thanks to public support first and, subsequently, market incentives through the purchase of shares, important work has been carried out with the aim of lead the ecological transition. In the coming years, the presence of the Giga Press solution will only encourage the development of its differentiation.

This technology basically consists of the provision of a machine that is capable of minimizing the number of parts that an electric car must have. Thanks to the casting, it is possible to have a much more resistant and solid structure, at the same time that production time and material usage are reduced. This new technology is expected to spread to the rest of the sector and, of course, to be the basis of future production.

Being close to the so-called 3D printing, we are faced with a bet that will have a great journey due to its many advantages. The Giga Press is a differentiating element and, therefore, companies like NIO and XPeng are already working to acquire a technology of these characteristics. Here are the keys to the project.

A million-dollar machinery that reduces manufacturing costs

Reduce costs, here is the key to its potential use. The main barrier to adopting the electric car is the difference in price compared to a car with conventional mechanics. Therefore, enjoying a team of this precision can allow the electric car to be much more competitive. After all, this innovation allows to reduce the use of elements, such as screws, washers or rivets. All in one piece equals less component usage.

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This, moreover, has a direct impact on weight, since the absence of all these by-products will have a direct impact on this concept. Not to mention their storage costs! As you can see, all are advantages from the economic point of view. Now, what about security? This proposal has no repercussion for these purposes, since the use of aluminum and the like is designed to be able to twist in the event of an accident.

To understand this type of technology it is necessary to mention LK Technology. This company, as can be read in the specialized portal Electrek, is the one that has been in charge of the production of the Giga Press that is in the hands of Tesla. NIO and XPeng are aware of the great performance of this new machine, so they will carry out their personalized copy to start earning revenue for it.

A type of heavy machine that goes even further than the Giga Press

The Giga Press machines that are in the possession of Tesla could be very small in relation to those that the companies mentioned above intend to implant. Apparently, the units in question could weigh up to 12,000 tons, which is used to understand the production capacity that can reach to have full performance. Even so, it is early to ensure these types of figures, since only the next collaboration has been announced.

And what about other manufacturers? Despite the fact that robotics has played a great role in recent years, the truth is that there are still multiple differences between the production system of Tesla and the rest of the companies in the sector. The assembly line has changed a lot in just a decade, but robotization is a process that will continue to grow in the coming years.

We will have to wait a while to find out. what are the plans that both companies in relation to the production system already dubbed as Giga Press. Without a doubt, the reduction of parts has become an essential element to reduce the existing differences in terms of cost compared to cars based on internal combustion.

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