GhostWire Tokyo offers new details on the abilities of its characters

GhostWire Tokyo offers new details on the abilities of its characters

GhostWire: Tokyo was another of the titles that were presented during the PlayStation Showcase 2021. At the conference the title gave us a new and spectacular trailer, but it was not the only thing that it let us know. Now, thanks to a post in the PlayStation Blog, Bethesda tells us a little more about development of his new title, as well as the functions that will come with GhostWire: Tokyo to harness the potential of PS5.

The information was shared in the PlayStation Blog by Parker wilhelm, Bethesda’s content manager. The post details a little more about Ethereal Weaving, which will be a power that will allow us to channel our spiritual energy in combat from GhostWire: Tokyo. In addition, it has been confirmed that we will be able to use the elements of the earth in our favor.

We can use the power of water, wind or fire to face the enemies that swarm through the ghost version of Tokyo in GhostWhire. What’s more, each type of enemy will have different abilities which we will have to face in a different way. In the post of PlayStation Blog is summarized as follows:

  • Agile spirits in the form of headless high school students They attack in groups, using speed and stunts to catch you off guard.
  • Based dolls in the traditional teru teru bozu meteorological amulets that fly through the air, as if they were hoisted with invisible ropes, and shoot fire from a distance.
  • Faceless ghosts who roam rainy environments in funeral garb that can deflect attacks with their umbrella when approaching to attack at close range.
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GhostWire: Tokyo will use the full power of the PS5 and its accessories

GhostWire Tokyo image
In GhostWire: Tokyo we can use the DualSense to guide us through the ghost town

According to account Parker wilhelm in the post, «Players will walk down rain-slick streets rendered in state-of-the-art details, amplifying their realism with the PS5’s ray tracing and 3D audio technologies.«. Also, we know that use DualSense technology to emulate a kind of “sixth sense”, which will help us detect things imperceptible to the normal human eye.

GhostWire: Tokyo is in development exclusively for PS5 and PC. The game has its launch scheduled for 2022, although an exact date has not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned for the game’s upcoming gameplays.

GhostWire Tokyo offers new details on the abilities of its characters