Ghostwire Tokyo, the new Tango Gameworks, like Deathloop was scheduled to launch this 2021 exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC, although until now it did not have a specific date or had shown news since last year. That is why the team of Shinji Mikami, creators of The Evil Within, has decided to delay the release of the game to early 2022.

Through their official Twitter account, those responsible for Ghostwire Tokyo have announced that the new date scheduled for the launch of the game will be early 2022, again, without specifying a specific date, which could be from January to March next anus. The reason given by the study for this delay, as is usual in these COVID-19 months, is keep the development team safe.

Although Tango Gameworks claims that they want players to be able to enjoy GhostWire: Tokyo «as soon as possible“It should be remembered that Japan is suffering a new and important wave of infections due to COVID-19, so the employment situation of Japanese studies has had to become more complicated in recent weeks. This new release window guarantees “the time it takes to bring the world of Ghostwire to life just as we dreamed of,” says the studio.

Similarly, from Tango Gameworks they assure Ghostwire Tokyo is completely different to whatever they’ve done so far and they’re impatient show news in the coming months.

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In this way, Ghostwire Tokyo will finally go on sale in early 2022. exclusively for PS5 and PC. As in the case of Deathloop, both owned by Microsoft after the purchase of Bethesda, it is expected that the exclusivity on PlayStation 5 consoles will last one year, and may later be released on Xbox consoles. Although at the moment only the case of the Arkane Studios game is confirmed.

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