Interesting news about one of the news that has caused the most stir in the world of PC video games. A user revealed a internal list of games that appear in GeForce Now, the cloud gaming service of Nvidia, which pointed to the release of games like God of War on PC. Now Nvidia has commented in a statement that the list is “speculative”.

On 3D PC Games We told you yesterday very cautiously, because the appearance of this list did not have to mean anything, the discovery of an experimental interface in GeForce Now that raised all the alarms: games of PlayStation, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Bayonetta 3 and more titles for PC, as well as even emulators to move Nintendo games or Software.

Although seeing everything that was discovered it was evident that it was a hidden test space, now Nvidia has explained it in a statement to Wccftech: “Nvidia is aware of a list of games published in an unauthorized way, with released and / or speculative titles, which is used only for the follow-up and internal testing. Inclusion on the list is not a confirmation or announcement of any game. “

It was clear that this list did not confirm any of the games on the list for PC, which does not prevent that in the future we can see some of them in compatible, which is possible in several cases. “Nvidia took immediate action to remove access to the list. No personal information or compilations of confidential games were exposed, “the company reported.