Get this memory card for Nintendo Switch for less than 20 euros

Get this memory card for Nintendo Switch for less than 20 euros

On Amazon you can find offers very interesting throughout the year, especially video games. And if you are a fan of Nintendo, you cannot miss this 128GB micro SD card for Switch for less than 20 euros. Thanks to this you can considerably expand console capacity hybrid to install new games and applications. So it’s a discount that it’s very worth it, since the card has a price of 17.90 euros right now.

As you well know, the Nintendo Switch console has a very low internal memory. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a microSD card to increase this capacity and not have space problems in the future. Nintendo has its own cards compatible with Switch and you will recognize them because they have an iconic decorative detail of the company that refers to their video games. Well, on Amazon you have this 128 GB SanDisk microSD card for only 17.90 euros, saving more than 20 euros on this purchase.

Don’t run out of space on Nintendo Switch

Pokemon UNITE Nintendo Switch

This supposes a major discount about its asking price, making it an opportunity for Nintendo Switch players. Officially licensed Nintendo cards have read speeds of up to 100MB / s and write speeds of up to 90MB / s. As we told you, it also has a storage capacity of 128 GB to save more data such as saves, screenshots, videos and more games on one small card.

If you’re interested, take advantage of this offer that it will not be active forever. This card has a super mario mushroom decorative, which makes it a good gift for all Nintendo fans. Usually it can cost between 15 and 20 euros more, but on Amazon it is priced at 17.90 euros right now. And so you can forget about space on your console for a long season.

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