September is, for many people, the month where we give a second chance to all those promises that we made in January but did not keep. One of the most repeated always tends to be to start playing sports and what better way than to start with a fashion discipline: mountain bike.

For it, Lidl right now has a great offer on the bike Leroc how successful it is with the sports public since it is now available on the web with a 15% discount.

Get the Leroc Quiro mountain bike at the best price

Leroc Mountain Bike Quiro 1

Leroc Mountain bike Quiro

Leroc Mountain bike Quiro

Now it can be yours at a much more affordable price since it is reduced to 299.99 euros (before 349.90 euros) and available in two different colors to choose from. It is available only online.

This bike It is suitable for this sport but you can also use it to make routes with your family or friends through rough terrain. It has features such as 29 inch wheels, 21 speeds, mechanical disc brakes, perfect for people with heights between 165-178cm, 14-28T sprocket and Microshift TS39 3x7SP shifters.

We are going to show you some scientifically proven benefits of practicing this sport that will help you decide without a doubt:

  • Helps maintain a good weight without losing muscle mass
  • Supports your joints
  • It is a sport for the whole family from children to adults
  • It is less dangerous than road cycling as it reduces the chances of a traffic accident.
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduces the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases
  • Increases lung capacity

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