Here we are faithful believers that sound is one of the factors that can elevate or minimize the gaming experience, it all depends on its quality. We can usually put this down to speakers or even headphones, but have you thought about the role that room resonance plays? Do you have an idea how much you can improve gaming room acoustics with some foam panels? We do and that is why today we want to share with you these that are only 20 euros due to Black Friday.

These acoustic foam panels are a kit containing 12 pieces of 30 x 30 x 5 cm each with a unique design. They are intended to reduce reverberation, that is, it seeks to minimize unwanted sounds such as echo and flatten the sound, to optimize sound quality. It does this by attenuating excess sound waves to achieve better audio and / or recording effects.

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These parts are built in polyurethane material high density; of fireproof materials that are friendly with the environment, which means that their manufacture and subsequent use do not affect the ecosystem. Its installation is very easy. You can choose You can choose to use stickers or spray adhesive to adhere the panels to your walls. In case of using adhesives, make sure that the wall is smooth and clean, to do this, try to eliminate dust residues, old paint, etc., that may affect the use of the material. The same, if your wall has dents, then better use the spray adhesive for a more uniform finish.

These foam panels are not only a great way to preserve and enhance the sound of your games, thus enriching the experience (imagine what musical notes and special effects will sound like), they are also a great way to start your own recording studio in home. For example, if you want to delve into the world of twitch live stream or make a podcast or even record songs. In any case, they are very useful.

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Get some gaming walls with these foam panels and eliminate echoes in your live shows for only 20 euros on Black Friday 1 offer

The acoustic foam panels of the Donner brand contain tiny semi-open holes, which are responsible for eliminating high frequencies of sound as they absorb them; they have the ability to reduce interference giving a much clearer sound. That is why they become such versatile pieces at the time of use.

If you are thinking of rebuilding, remodeling and, of course, improving the space you have dedicated to your game routines; do not forget these foam panels that also they only cost 20 euros; It is a very, very low investment and it will bring you many benefits.