Nintendo Switch usually varies little in price throughout the year, which does not prevent it from being a best-selling console throughout the world, so when the Nintendo console receives an offer, however small it may seem, you have to share the news. In this case, you can get a brand new Nintendo Switch for just over 300 euros via Amazon.

Specifically, with a 8% off On its base price, this Nintendo Switch can be yours for 304.98 euros. Assumes a saving of almost 25 euros with respect to its usual price that can help you buy some other game to release a console properly.

This is the review of the Nintendo Switch that was released in 2019, which features battery life improvements and better screen calibration compared to the original model of 2017, which is no longer marketed. How could it be otherwise, it brings with it two joy-cons, blue and red, and the support to adapt them in the form of a traditional command. That is, everything that includes a normal and current Nintendo Switch pack, but with a very discount to take into account.

Just a few days ago, Nintendo introduced the Nintendo Switch OLED model which, among other things, brings a 7 ″ screen of OLED technology and will arrive at the end of the year for a price of 350 euros, but has not confirmed an official price reduction for the base model of Nintendo Switch. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting the Nintendo console to play the company’s new releases, such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, you may be interested in this offer from Amazon.

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